Property Management is the single most important factor in the success of your investment property. It is designed to minimize expenses, maximize income, and enhance your property’s value. Selecting the right management team for your property may be the most important decision you will make toward the success of your real estate investment.

Guillon Slinkard Property Management has over 30 years in managing commercial property and currently manages over 2 Million square feet of commercial warehouse, retail space and professional offices in Butte, Mendocino and Tulare Counties. Toward this we offer you:

Facility Management

  • Inspections to ensure cleanliness that enhances your property’s utility and value to tenants.
  • Procurement of the lowest cost maintenance service.
  • Aggressive approach to preventive maintenance.
  • Continuing supervision of landscaping, maintenance and repair programs.
  • Negotiation of favorable contracts with outside vendors and contractors, utilizing our purchasing power due to volume of contracts executed by property management.

Day-to-Day Operations

  • Proper procedures to ensure timely rent payments and prosecution of legal eviction pursuant to California laws if required.
  • Research to obtain the lowest possible cost for insurance coverage.
  • Responsiveness to tenant’s requirements or needs pursuant to the lease document.


  • Timely, accurate, and meaningful financial reporting.
  • Preparation of annual cam reconciliations, cash flow projections and year-end financial reports.
  • Development of capital improvement recommendations and planning.

Jennifer Slinkard

Partner/ Property Manager

As a licensed California Realtor, Jennifer has worked in Property Management since 2005 and became part owner of Guillon Slinkard Property Management in 2008. Jennifer is organized and efficient professional who oversees each property in her portfolio with keen attention to detail and a focus on each client's best interest. Jennifer…

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